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Academics Support Programme


The International Students’ Association of KNUST under the auspices of  Mr Tola Adewunmi writes to inform the public of the International community about the reinstatement of this project. This is a prototype of BIG BROTHER PROJECT (by the previous administration led by Mr. Eke, Chijioke. We believe with no iota of doubt that this project is re-instated for the mutual benefit of both the “well to do” students and the “doing well” students of the international community. This will in no way disregard the co-existence between the Local and International Students of KNUST. This is supposed to be a vehicle whereby international students who are doing similar courses of study would have the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of knowledge of each other.


However, the core purpose of this project is to ignite the passion and desire for academic excellence in our students. We believe that every student has a primary motive of excelling academically the moment he/she steps into the four walls of this great institution, and as such make the best out of every academic opportunity that comes their way. Notwithstanding, this platform would also help us to address other challenges our students face in their family life, social life, financial life and all other sections of life that needs to be addressed.


In as much as we want to move ISA members to their desired level of academic illumination, we have a formidable structure that will engineer the actualization of this vision.ISA has meticulously selected members who will be part of the forty – man committee. These people would be assiduous in the carrying out of their duties with an unprecedented alacrity. We are making sure that though this administration is subject to handing over, we would work tirelessly to see this vision ad infinitum (without end).This committee is made of representatives from various departments, faculties and colleges. We are convinced that for every representative you would come across, you would have nothing academicals bothering you because this administration is most precisely interested in the academic excellence of her members.


In addition, we have carefully brought out a modus operandi (plan of working) that would actually serve as a secondary pivot that will help the committee members in executing their duties and responsibilities. The working document is as stated below;

  • All representatives would be officially introduced to their Heads of Departments or Deans of Faculties and Provosts.
  • They would be given personal details of all students in their  squad (Department, Faculty and College)
  • Representatives would have to be meeting their members regularly to build effective relationships among them.
  • Effective communication would be promoted among representatives and their members (via SMS, calls, visitations).
  • Representatives would negotiate with their Teaching Assistant’s or any highly placed fellow in their academia (related field)
  • Representatives would have to source for needed materials which  would help our students  make the best out of  every semester (Past questions)
  • Representatives would have to engage his or her referrals i.e. any other student who can assist (both local and international) would also be spoken to by the reps.
  • ISA would have to be writing to the department/faculty or college to appreciate them and anticipate their unflinching support to the Representatives.


All the representatives would have to update the chairperson of the committee about any successes, limitations and other things that need the attention of the executive committee.